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Beat Sync dosent work with Timecode

Hey Folks,

as the DJ Gear is changing dramaticly here in Germany, I decided to go from Serato to rekordbox. I really like Rekordbox and I see so much potential in it.I already configurated everything that was familiar with my older dvs.

Actually I Still have some gigs and some big venues where the club owners or event hosters want the djs to play with Turntables.

I need Sync in my Sets quite often for fast transition or even loading a track on the 1st beat of the master deck. This works perfect when im playing in INT with devices like cdjs or controllers. But when im using timecode the beat sync button changes to bpm sync as im starting to play in REL mode.

Guys im so happy with the software but this needs to be updated! 
I cannot do my routine or my fast tranisitions anymore. I would like to perfom only with rekordbox instead of switching dvs cause where is a turntable setup

Any soloution ?

Sorry for my bad english.


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I do have the same issue. Do you have any solution for me?

Thank you!

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