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Best practice for updating a file on rekordbox

Hi everyone -

I hope I can find an answer for this here:

Let's say I have a music file on rekordbox, synced to a thumb drive.
Now, let's say I wish to replace this very file, with an updated version (Let's assume this scenario - I am a music producer and I want to replace the version I have on rekordbox with a more advanced work-in-progress file).
Of course, I can delete the old file from rekordbox and add the updated file as a new track, but this way I lose all the related meta-data - which playlists this file is associated with, how many times I played it etc.

So - what would you recommend as the best practice for this type of scenario?

Thank you!

funkfly Answered

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Don't try and "replace" a file; treat any different song individually. There are other things you don't want to try and mess with (like grids, overview waveforms, etc). Sorry, but it's a manual process. You can find which playlists contain a song by selecting a song and then click the icon to the right of the Collection or playlist title:

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Thank you for your answer.
I wish there was a better way of doing this.

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