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Static lighting scene

Is there a way to build a static scene with lights to play for a dinner reception? I don't need all of the lights going crazy while people eat.

Zach Smith

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You do have access to DMX direct control.

When in performance mode, make sure the lighting panel is visible.On the left side you will see 3 empty boxes with a gear icon next to each.  Pick one of them.  In this window, you can set static DMX values (like pan/tilt, color, whatever your fixtures support).  I would recommend you override everything you don't want the macros to control.

Set the title and apply.

There are 6 more in the options under the lighting section.

You can have multiple direct controls enabled at a time so you could keep you color direct controls separate.

You can also MIDI map the direct controls and even have knobs to change things like pan/tilt, color, etc to give you additional controls on the fly.

Hope this helps.

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