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Rekordbox Windows 11 DDJ-RZ and DJ RB-DMX1

Having an issue with Rekordbox crashing randomly when I have the RB-DMX1 and DDJ-RZ connected. I've got a laptop with a 12th gen i7, 16gb ram, 1tb Nvme ssd. After a fresh clean install of windows 11 and current version of rekordbox, rekordbox will stutter and skip around on the current track for about 3 or 4 seconds crash OR will play through the end of the track and controller locks up and becomes unresonsive. I've tried a reformat of my laptop and can reproduce. The error in the event logs is "rekordbox.exe ntdll.dll faulting error 0xc0000374" My laptop crashed at an event This past saturday night and even after a reboot, I couldn't play more than a track or two before it crashed. This issue started in the past month or so. I've checked for corrupt MP3s and it's not consistant other than will happen within one or two tracks or could go for an hour before it occurs. Any help would be appreciated. 

Scott Putney Answered

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