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Rekordbox Backup Failed

Hello out there,

I am using Rekordbox 6.6.4 on a Macbook Pro 2017 i5 8GB Monterey 12.4

I tried to run a rekordbox Library backup (35k Tracks) to my NAS.
The Backup started and the first 38% were very quick. But then in stopped at 39%..so i thought, ok, a lot of files. Let it run through the night.

Next day in the Morning it was still at 39%, there were 18.1 GB saved on the NAS - Even after an hour it wasn't more. Like "freezed".

So i thought, OK, maybe some network issues and started to run the Backup local on my Mac.

Even now, it goes very quick to 39% and then i got the message "Backup failed" (I don't know the exactly words in english, because i am using rekordbox in german)

The Backup folder contains 19,66GB and 5487 objects.
After the second run the same.

Can anybody help to fix this issue?
Is there a log file available?


Joachim Pleier Answered

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