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I've asked this question before, but I'm going to re-ask in case someone else can give me an answer.

I spend countless hours tediously making sure that my tags on MusicBee have a large quantity of genres. I often use two or more genres seperated by a semicolon.  Please stop removing the punctuation in the genre fields. When it removes the punctuation, it affects my sorting and library work in other software (MusicBee). Removing the punctuation doesn't accomplish anything...unless it does? If this is an easy fix, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Last time I asked this question, someone answered - "rekordbox does not support multiple genre tags". This isn't my question. I know it doesn't, I'm just asking for rekordbox to stop removing the semicolons in the genre field metadata.


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I use slashes for my multiple genres and it seems to hold fine.  You could always do a batch replace of your tags.

I know that's not an answer, just a workaround...

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