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[HEAD COUNT] rekordbox for Linux

As a lot of previous topics have already put a request for this (177 at the time of writing this post), I want to turn this into something more constructive than the ever returning new topics asking for the same.

Until now, almost all of these posts have been dismissed as the interest for a Linux port of rekordbox would be too little and the work too big. In my personal opinion, it might not be fully representative to only count for the topic creators as 'only interested users', meaning there might be even more that never took the step to create a topic. To gain a better insight, I have opened a petition to do an interest poll for the amount of users that would love to use rekordbox (or a stripped down version) on Linux.

It would help a lot of our bought Pioneer DJ hardware gaining back more of it's full potential, while still staying in the rekordbox ecosystem. I'd love to dust off my CDJ-2000NXS2 again when I can use analyzed waveforms again :)

There's more info in the link.

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Sven Boekelder Answered

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I'm sorry, but the cost and time for the resources needed to develop and maintain a Linux version is not being considered as the number of users does not offer a worthwhile return on investment. I know the response would be "Then make it open-source, let the users maintain it!" but there is significant amount of proprietary code that would never be provided as open-source, so the answer there is also no.

I, on behalf of the rekordbox and Pioneer DJ team, thank you all for your interest and passion in having rekordbox on your OS of choice, but from the corporate side, it's not financially responsible to support it.

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