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Beatport Link not Fixed in 6.6.4?

Hi Pioneer,

You've previously acknowledged issues with Beatport Link in 6.6.2 and 6.6.3 and I don't see any of the listed changes in 6.6.4 to address that issue. I'm on an M1, but not sure if this is platform specific. 

For example:




Furthermore  we have now been advised to Update to the latest version ver. 6.6.4 before Dec 22 or RB will stop working. 

Can you please confirm if 6.6.4 has resolved these issues, or when these issues will be resolved?

Thank you





Jon Spokes Answered

Official comment


We are aware of some users having an issue with the Beatport / Beatsource SDK. In these cases, we're collecting the log data and asking you to please try downgrading to rekordbox 6.6.1 to see if that works for you.

There is no loss of data between version of rekordbox, and you could have multiple versions installed simultaneously - simply run the installer, then launch the corresponding version from the application folder (not the shortcut on the start menu or desktop).


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