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DJS-1000 to allow Nudge while in MIDI mode

The DJS-1000 is a fantastic device that I struggle with.  I sync BPM data via MIDI from a mixer but lose the ability to nudge the DJS's tempo.  My vision is to use this to mix with vinyl.  When BPM / Clock data drifts, this sends the DJS haywire.  Even when using digital players, BPM clock sent via MIDI sometimes registers as 2x, a beat grid from a player might be inaccurate or everything is in sync but my particular loop on the DJS is not precisely on beat.  Any of these situations can be fixed with a simple nudge.  Nudge is a tool no other sampler or drum machine offers (that I know of) and it's why I chose the DJS.

I'd love to see a firmware update where nudge temporarily overrides MIDI clock stream when the unit is in external, MIDI mode.  I can understand the conflict of two clock signals (MIDI IN vs. nudge), but it would be invaluable to default to Nudge being the master and allowing it to work even when the unit is using external sync.  Or Nudge could force the device to immediately switch out of MIDI mode (and back to Link In Mode), preserving the sync of the mix, the moment one of the two buttons are touched.

Another option could be when in MIDI mode (and the physical Sync and Master buttons are disabled), there could be an option for one of those two buttons to return the unit to Link or non-MIDI mode.  Right now, you have to dive into separate screens to toggle in and out of external MIDI mode.  If there was a hardware button, select-able via a Utility Menu option, that isn't currently used during MIDI mode to bring us out, this would eliminate having to fiddle with the touchscreen.

Donny H

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