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Does the DDJ-XP2 hardware unlock DVS?

Hey, hope a pioneer rep can get back to me soon on this one. There is a lot of mixed messages out there regarding the DVS unlock capability (as in I can stop my monthly payment.) My current setup is

- a pair of turntables with RB Control vinyl

- a Xone 96

- a DDJ-400

On the official pioneer hardware unlock page it says the XP1/XP2 is unlocks DVS. [see link 1 below]

On another official pioneer hardware compatibility page it says the XP1/XP2 works with DVS with all plans (assuming a free plan with a say a DDJ-400 plugged in) with the caveat that 'the audio interface' is needed. Is this purposefully vague? I assume it refers to 'interface 2' and just any old audio interface. So is this saying to unlock DVS with the XP2 you first need to buy a $600 device that already unlocks DVS? [see link 2 below]

I have found a thread where a pioneer rep states the that the XP1 is a hardware unlock device and the XP2 is not a hardware unlock device. [see link 3 below]

I have found another thread that states to unlock DVS you can use the XP1 or XP2. [See link 4]

This leaves me so confused and not wanting to spend any money. I would love to spend some money upfront so I can cancel the monthly payments and gain the functionality of the XP2.

On top of that the rep for both link 3/4 are the same but offer conflicting evidence on the topic adding to my confusing.



For reference:

Link 1:


Link 2:


Link 3: 


Link 4:


Max Foon Answered

Official comment


Yes, the XP2 unlocks DVS functionality however you don't have any device to input the DVS signal from your turntables as your Xone 96 does not have an audio interface, hence the reference to the "Interface 2" unit.

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