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Does the DJM-S3 differ from DJM-250MK2 in Serato/Rekordbox support only?

Hi Pulse,

Could you please clarify the following:

- Outside USB Serato/Rekordbox support, does the DJM-S3 perform the same as the DJM-250MK2 (in other words does the non-USB-related part of DJM-S3 perform the same as DJM-250MK2 - faders, knobs, switches, buttons, effects, LEDs, sound quality, etc.)?

To clarify, when I mentioned the various components, such as faders, knobs, etc..., I did not mean to inquire whether a channel fader functioned as a channel fader, but rather about the fine configuration of these elements - such as channel fader curve, EQ knob crossover frequency, filter effect implementation, DAC circuitry implementation, etc...

The question is aimed at understanding whether the DJM-S3 is indistinguishable from a DJM-250MK2 in terms of performance, provided that the USB port is not used.

Ultimately, I am asking to establish how good an alternative the DJM-S3 is in cases when the DJM-250MK2 is not available for any reason.

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Pavel T Answered

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They're virtually identical, except the S3 is supported by Serato and the 250MK2 is supported by rekordbox; it's just the handshake between the mixer and the computer.

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