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XDJ XZ - 3 Band Waveform

Hi,  I know a few years back Pioneer responded to a similar post about 3 band waveforms on the XDJ XZ.  But that was a couple of years ago. There has to be some way either through a firmware update or something that the XDJ XZ could be updated to show 3-band.  I got the Xz specifically because it offers so much along with being able to add two more decks to it and fully utilize the 4 channel mixer.  Hence why I didn't choose the RX3, however, I would really love to see an update to allow for 3 band waveform which the Rx3 has.  The xz screen should be more than capable of handling it, even if it only shows up on the main screen and not jog wheel displays.   Any hopes of this becoming a reality??

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No - sorry, it's not about the display itself, but the processing and other internals.

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