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Aircoookie WLED ESP32 / ESP8266

Manufacturer: Aircoookie

Model Name / Number: WLED

Fixture Type: LED Panel / PAR / BAR / LED Strip (Addressable)

Link to product website: https://kno.wled.ge/

Link to product DMX Manual: https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/wiki/E1.31-DMX

DMX channel modes:

1: Single RGB

All LEDs are set to the same color. 3 Channels: Red, Green, Blue

2: Single DRGB

All LEDs are set to the same color. 4 Channels: Master Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue

3: Effect

Not a realtime mode. Allows setting WLED effect properties over E1.31 with 11 or 13 channels.

Channel Property
1 Master Dimmer
2 Effect mode ID
3 Effect speed
4 Effect intensity
5 Effect palette ID
6 Red Primary
7 Green Primary
8 Blue Primary
9 Red Secondary
10 Green Secondary
11 Blue Secondary
12 White Primary (channel optional)
13 White Secondary (channel optional)

4: Multiple RGB

3 Channels per LED in sequence. LED 0 Red, LED 0 Green, LED 0 Blue, LED 1 Red, ... Default mode, equivalent to pre-0.9.1 E1.31. This is the mode you want to use for xLights and LedFx.

5: Multiple DRGB

Like Multiple RGB, but the first channel is a brightness control. Master Dimmer, LED 0 Red, LED 0 Green, ...

I have a RB-DMX1, I have a DMX to Artnet node. And I have Artnet Wifi LED Panels and Strips. Each are addressable LEDs. Now I can use it as single RGB or Multi RGB but I run out of channels really fast.

I would like to ask You guys if I see correct:

- Rekordbox can not send effects on addressable leds, it uses just as a PAR light. ( All leds are the same color)

- Could you make a fixture for this awsome opportunity to go beyond limits?

I was thinking in binding

1 Master Dimmer - Master dimmer

2 Effect mode ID - Gobo

3 Effect speed - ?don't know what is in rekordbox (BPM?)

4 Effect intensity - ? fixed 128 (50%) would be good

5 Effect palette ID - Color wheel

---------- this could be the end, I can drop in some simple rgb(3chanel) after this, but if you prefer better to be in one fixture, but I would be happy with above :)

6 Red Primary - Red PAR1

7 Green Primary - Green PAR1

8 Blue Primary - Blue PAR1

9 Red Secondary - Red PAR2

10 Green Secondary - Green PAR2

11 Blue Secondary - Blue PAR2

--- optional channels not needed by me.





Lorand Nagy Not planned

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Hello Lorand,

The type of the fixture you requested is a kind of combo fixture and quite a few channels do not work as expected even if they are added to the rekordbox library. 

Sorry for not meeting your expectations and thank you for your kind understanding. 

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No problem, lets do it other way!

I can emulate any fixture by modifying the firmware of Aircoockie.

Could you please tell me witch is the most capable device that rekordbox can controll?

I tried out that if I changed in the Airckoockee firmware 

2 Effect mode ID - Gobo > changed to read on channel +offset 1, because i have found a fixture that had gobo wheel without the (*2) mark, and rekordbox was controlling my Aircoockie perfectly.


I am really sorry but pioneer has started to be an old rusty slow tech company. I bought the only device that can do dmx with only one universe. How should I controll all of my LED panels and LED light strips?

Sorry for not meeting my expectations, but I need a sollution. Should I sell every ioneer closed system, and by a denon or a cheap chinese because you could but would not do anything to go forward...

I bought your hardware, I want to use, I can use it, I could use it, but i need information how to hack everithing to be a usefull stuff... 

Give me please some fixture types that are working the best with RB-DMX1, and I can emulate those with Aircoockie.


Thanks, sorry, but mad...

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Hello Lorand,

If you want to know which lighting fixtures work well with rekordbox lighting, please find any fixtures in the fixture library without (*1) and fewer (*2) at the end of each channel. 

For example, the fixture below does not work at all because Category has (*1) and (*2) is at the end of all the channels.  

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