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Japanese CDJ-3000 on US/Canada voltage


I just received a pair of new CDJ-3000 from Japan and before plugging them I would like to double check if US voltage can cause them any harm, as I received conflicting opinions on the matter.

Even on the back of the machine, it is confusing, we find on one line :
110-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 40W
While right below is written :
AlphaTheta 100V ~ 30W 50/60 Hz

Thank you ♡▽♡

Piære G Answered

Official comment


There are different regional builds of the CDJ, and if the panel on yours does not read 110-240V, then you may require a transformer to adapt if you are using a 240V model in a 120V region.

Please note that the CDJ-3000 (and CDJ-2000NXS2 for example) may also say "100V 50/60Hz" but that is to indicate compatibility in Japan only.

Again, please check the labeling on your product. If in doubt, contact our support teams.

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