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Can't Figure out why a large chunk of my purchased songs can't import...

Two part issue it seems. While importing a new collection, converted my traktor collection to rekordbox, one of my playlists containing around 100 electro songs does not want to import. Resulting in this error. 

One or more files were not imported.
Track(s) were not imported due to the following possible reasons.
- The file path is longer than 255 characters.
- Invalid file format
- Tracks not available in your country

I ended up just going through syncing my flashdrive as i need it for later tn. Followed up with another export log this time. Detailing a TON of other tracks that could not export to the drive. Almost everything was purchased in beatport, excluding the Electro playlist. 

If i were to guess we are totaling over 250 tracks now missing..

Whats the deal? 

Valentin Takvorian

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