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Connecting Rekordbox to a DJM-900NXS, CDJ's, and Turntables with DDJ-XP2 for Proper Sound Output


I have a DJM-900NXS (the first one), and I'm having trouble linking my equipment together with Rekordbox Performance Mode to play music out of the proper channels.


DJM-900NXS, 2x 1200s, 2x CDJ-850s, 1 DDJ-XP2, 1 EFX-1000 (EFX not applicable to this situation), Rekordbox 5.8, Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6.


What's the issue: 

I've hooked up all my gear to the DJM. All knobs are turned to USB, the CDJs are in the Line input and are connected to USB to be used in HID mode, the 1200s are in the Phono input. I'll use the DJM as my soundcard through Rekordbox, (firmware and software are updated for the DJM, CDJ, and Rekordbox. USB 1/2 won't play music through channel 1 because Rekordbox thinks channel 1 is the DJM.

For the DDJ-XP2, I'd like for Rekordbox (maybe the DJM drivers?) to recognize that although *physically* my CDJs are hooked up to channels 2 and 3, to make it think they are 1 and 2. So it would physically be 1200, CDJ, CDJ, 1200 (1/2/3/4), Rekordbox it would show the information as CDJ, CDJ, 1200, 1200 (1/2/3/4.) The CDJs would be "channels 1 and 2" to utilize with the DDJ-XP2, like it is shown in product demonstrations. So if I put a song on Deck 1, it would go to the left CDJ, although it's in channel 2. Deck 2 would be the right CDJ on channel 3, Deck 3 would be the left turntable on channel 1, and Deck 4 would be the right turntable on channel 4.

What I've done:

Swapped USB cables, uninstalled/reinstalled DJM drivers, tried changing output/channel settings in the DJM driver area, and installed the CDJ/XDJ aggregator - I haven't been able to do an uninstall/reinstall for the aggregator...it keeps installing over itself (it shows I have 3 copies in the midi/extras area), so it'd be nice to uninstall that if possible. 

For the DJM soundcard issue, this is how it's connected:

Input Record: DJM-900NXS: (REC OUT)

Input Deck 1: DJM-900NXS *note* I can switch it to CH1 Control Tone Phono, but it causes everything to mess up and I think that's where the problem is

Input Deck 2: Line Input (I've tried Control Tone, but it asks to do USB)

Input Deck 3: Line Input (Same as above)

Input Deck 4: CH4 Control Tone PHONO

Output Deck1: CH1

Output Deck2: CH2

Output Deck3: CH3

Output Deck4: CH4

I've switched around each of those input deck and output channels so much, but nothing seems "stick"/work properly. All switches are turned to USB for the input on the driver itself, so I know i've at least got that going for me, which is nice. Everything else is a big question mark. 


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