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Relative mode locked after switching from export mode to performance mode


I recently bought a DJM 450 mixer, it came with a Licence Key and DVS key for rekord box. So i downloaded Rekordbox 6 onto my PC, updated the firmware on the mixer, installed the drivers on it my PC, and after setting up the DVS it all worked, i use technics turntables and the mixer.

I've been using rekordbox 6 in performance mode, with the channels / decks in rekordbox set to Relative, which works just fine. The problem is, after editing the beat grids Export mode ( which is better for editing ), i switch back to Performance mode, and the deck is set back to Internal, then when i go to change the deck back to Relative, it is locked and says i need to purchase a plan. However, when i close down Rekordbox and restart it, i can now use Relative in performance mode again.

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?



Joe Hyde

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