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DDJ 1000 sound distortion in the middle of gig

Hi, I bought brand new DDJ 1000 4 weeks ago. It worked well until last week. On two last gigs, I faced a big problem. In the middle of the gig both output and headphones sound start crackling and become very distorted. For example, last night I started playing at 22:30, and this happend at 02:13. I had to shut down rekordbox, turn off and turn on DDJ1000 and after that it worked normally till the end of gig. 
I use:
Macbook pro 2015 with Mojave
i5, 8GB ram, 256SSD
Chroma cable USB (if this is important)

Rekordbox v.5.8.5
Buffer size: 256 / 5,8ms

Do you have any idea what can cause this? Is there some kind of log? I used DDJ RR for three years on this macbook and did not have this problem. Tonight I have to play on my old DDJ RR because I fear that this will happen again.


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I have had this issue when there was a power draw and the unit had a distorted sound come out.  Were the gigs at the same place, same plug in spot?

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No, two different clubs, in different towns... After those two situations, I reinstalled the driver, and last night (in third club) everything was fine all night, but I fear that it will happen again

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