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Open-Source OS, so people can help with features

Hello Pioneer Team,

here is a serious suggestion for opensourcing the OS, like Google Android did and helped it become number 1 in the phone market:
Assumed Toraiz is running Linux system, there is a growing crowd out there who are very capable talents with open source improvements. Just look at elk audio os ( https://elk.audio/audio-os/ ), and the whole raspberry crowd, this scene is huge and tries to make Linux run open on all kinds of hardware like xbox, which became kodi, playstation, even nintendo switch :)

Now imagine people adding new FX, new features and for any of this nice stuff added, Pioneer gets the code for free f put under opensource licenses and public, e.g. if the code is on github or similar system, people can collaborate and join to add features, fix bugs etc. So Toraiz SP-16 could become HUGE now and in afterlive market and help prepare mk2 or other devices in the future. Just an idea for Pioneer to think about it, as they dont sell software only, they sell the bundle with awesome hardware which when using great software and allows customized linux, could be a huge selling point for all kinds of people (think of how people love to customize their gear with stickers, changing knobs, colorize etc., now imagine allowing a personalized startscreen while booting, etc. :)

Maybe Pioneer is what their name implies... a Pioneer in this sector :)
Harry Tuttle

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That would be absolutely awesome!


But I don't think, that this will ever happen.

And I think, Toraiz has stopped reading this forum.

I really think about moving to elektron, because they have the more modern features in their devices.

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