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Scroll up & down button is illegible and hard to use


I find the scroll up & down button on the right side and bottom of the library illegible because of its 'microscopic' size of 2x2 mm and it is too narrow -2mm-, hence hard to grab. Imagine for someone with poor sight and in a dark club setting, how user-unfriendly and, for example ... if one is not careful, one can easily change the 'rating' column by accidentally clicking on it, if it happens to be next to it.
It is also missing arrows (up/down, left-right, which major competitors have) especially to go up and down several screen pages.

So I suggest you make it wider (in order to grab it easily without clicking on metadata right next to it) and more visible, with 2 arrows each.

It's about efficiency and user friendliness as any DJ needs to be fast and efficient especially when the current 'Protect Library' has to be set to "off " (since we can't do anything when it's 'on') creating a high risk of accidental data deletion due to fast manoeuvres on tracks in the library. Thank you.


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