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Pioneer component TT PL-J210 running v. fast

Hi all,
I just inherited a pioneer j-210 system which has a PL-J210 33/45rpm TT powered by 12v DC from the amp (according to the markings on the back of the amp). However the TT runs very fast (probably faster than 78rpm)when powered by the 12v from the amp (or from a variable PSU which I can set at 12v.) If I drop the supply voltage, the speed slows. But the 33/45 switch doesn't make a noticeable difference in speed. The motor is a 4 wire Sankyo SHP2R with the - + connected to the supply and the other two wires connected via 2 pots and a small resistor to -ve.
So, first question - is there an ic inside the motor to control speed or is there a signal on top of the 12v from the amp unit.
Assuming that the circuit is inside the motor, is it possible to dismantle and repair or do I consign it to the bin?



GINA: When I first met Tammy, she was in a restaurant I'd stopped at for lunch. The place wasn't too busy, with a trio of old men sitting at the counter, discussing the world going to hell, and a young, frazzled couple in the rear booth, trying to rein in their twin boy rug-rats. Tammy was in the front booth, studying her phone. I was struck by her beauty, with her dark red hair, deep tan, and green eyes. When she glanced up at me, I smiled, and she smiled back, as I sat in the booth behind her.

I couldn't help overhearing her end of the call she was making. It sounded like she was trying to find a place to stay, and it didn't seem to be going too well. She ended the call, shaking her head and muttering, then began scrolling the screen again. Hmmmm, this could be interesting.

Jerry, my lawyer back in Texas, had warned me to be careful, and I listened to him, because I certainly don't want to attract the wrong people. I DO want to find a roommate, but so far, none of the ones I've talked to have panned out as being someone I thought I could trust. I'm tired of living alone, though I do love my new house. It's secluded, the nearest neighbor is almost a mile away, but I need someone to be able to talk to. So, I screwed up my courage to give this gorgeous girl a try, and walked up to her booth.

"Hi there," I said, putting out my hand, "I'm Gina Markson. I hate t' bother ya, but would ya mind if I sat here for a minute?" She looked up, shook my hand, smiled again, and replied "Hi yourself, I'm Tammy McKesson. Sure, be my guest."

I sat down, and we chatted for a bit. Tammy had just graduated from Fort Lewis College here in Durango, and wanted to stay here, instead of moving back to her 'smelly Connecticut hometown'. I told her about me, that I graduated from the University of Texas last year, and had been living in Austin until the deal for my house happened. She said that she'd attended Fort Lewis because they offer free tuition for Native Americans, and she was one-half Pequot, and one-half Irish. Ahhhhh, that explains the hair, eyes, and tan complexion. She'd also won a full scholarship, and had received her bachelor's degree in Studio Art. The two girls she'd been sharing a house with had both gone back to their hometowns after graduation, so now she was trying to find a place she could afford so that she could stay here.

We had a good talk, and continued when my sandwich came. I ate, thinking Okay, she's bright, funny, and don't seem to be a gold-digger type. Let's give it a shot. Between bites, I said "Tammy, I know we just met, but I have a place about 3 miles out, with plenty of room. If yer interested, I'd love t' show ya around. I can fill ya in on the details then."

TAMMY: Wow! Talk about a day going from being crappy to looking better! I told Gina "Hell, yes, I'm interested!" Gina is intriguing -- besides being almost the same size and body type as me, she's quite beautiful, with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. We seem to get along great, but there's an air of mystery about her. She said she'd tell me more, though, so maybe that will clear it up. And, I absolutely ADORE her Texas twang! We kept talking as she ate, then we paid, and went outside to our cars. Standing in the bright sun, I looked at her and grinned "Gina, don't get me wrong, but aren't you worried that I might be an axe murderer or something?" She laughed, and said "Girl, I can tell by yer tight shorts and tank top that ya ain't carryin' no weapons, and 'sides, what's th' odds of 2 murderers bein' in th' same place?" She winked, and we both giggled. As we were getting ready to go, she warned "Now, ya gotta be prepared -- yer fixin' t' get yer socks blown clean off!"

We drove out, and she turned in a tree-lined driveway, going up a slight incline about a quarter-mile. I could see the San Juan mountains rising up in the east, and the Animas valley behind us, with the river snaking through it. She came to a clearing, and when I passed the trees, I hit my brakes and stared.

This isn't some little house out in the woods. It's a magnificent 2-story house, with an attached garage. There's a large lawn, with a circular drive, and a wide porch around the front door. The second story has a full-length balcony, with 4 sets of French doors and picture windows spaced across the front. Gina had pulled to the side of the garage, opened the doors with a remote, and was standing there waiting for me, a big, dimpled smile on her face.

I parked beside her, and as I was getting out, I said "Damn, woman, there's no way I'll be able to afford THIS!" She laughed, and said "Yeah, kinda imposin', ain't it? Well, c'mon in, and I'll give ya th' scoop." We walked in through the garage door, and down a short hall -- this place is awesome! The first floor is all open -- there's a full kitchen, and a dining table by the back window. An island separates the kitchen from the living room, and a huge stone fireplace dominates the far wall. On each side of the fireplace, there's a small wet bar by the front wall, and a full bath and a closet are along the back wall. Across the back wall, large windows, and sliding glass doors open up to a deck, complete with built-in hot tub. In the back yard, about 25 yards out, sits an in-ground swimming pool. A wide staircase in front of the kitchen leads up to what I assume are the bedrooms. Various furniture is in the living room, with a large leather couch facing the deck, and in front of the couch is a massive TV, stereo, and a console showing the view from 6 security cameras, all sitting on a low table. The floors are all hardwood, except the kitchen, that has granite tiles.

Gina motioned to the couch, and told me to get comfy, and asked "D'ya want somethin' to drink? Wine, or soda, or somethin'?" I said a glass of wine would be nice, so she poured two glasses and brought them over to the couch. Handing me one, we both took a sip -- mmmm, chardonnay, one of my favorites. She sat her glass on the coffee table, and said "Tammy, sit back, this is a WILD story I'm gonna tell ya."
GINA: Well, here goes! I started "First, I gotta tell ya, yer th' first person I've ever invited out here durin' my roommate search. I've talked to several others, but I just had a good feelin' about ya back in th' restaurant. I didn't give ya any details, since I don't really want to advertise it to everybody. Y'see, Tammy, I OWN this house, and th' 25 acres it sits on." Tammy's eyes got big, and I giggled. Continuing, I said "My Granpa Jake originally had this place built, back in th' 90s. He had a ranch in Texas, about 15 or 20,000 acres I think, then one day, they found a huge oil field on his property. Ol' Jake was suddenly a real-life Jed Clampett! He ended up sellin' th' ranch to th' oil company, but kept half th' mineral rights, and th' money is still comin' in from that. I never really got to know my Granpa. My folks kinda kept him away from us, I s'pose since he wasn't into all their religious bullshit."

"When Granpa Jake died a few years back, he left everything to his only son, my dad. Dad kept th' place up, hopin' t' retire here himself. With some legal mumbo-jumbo, Dad still had th' mineral rights, and it was all hunky-dory. That is, 'til some drunk bastard killed both my folks in a car wreck back in January." Tammy gasped, and, putting her hand on my arm, said she was sorry to hear that. I smiled, and said "Aw, it's okay. T' tell ya th' truth, me and my folks never got along too good, anyway. I was always th' 'Black Sheep'."

Taking a long drink, I kept going "I had a brother, Mark, but he got killed in Afghanistan 3 years ago by a roadside bomb. That left lil' ol' me as th' sole heir. After I got all th' funeral shit outta th' way, an' th' old bitches with fried chicken stopped comin' by, I met with our lawyer, Jerry, for th' will readin'." Okay, time for the biggie! Are ya ready? Looking in her green eyes, I said "Tammy, 'sides this house, last time I checked, I'm worth 'bout $150 million."

Tammy's jaw dropped as she stared at me. I laughed, and said "Yep. That's just 'bout how I looked when Jerry told me that! I collapsed in a chair in his office, and it took a stiff shot of whiskey 'fore I got my senses back. So, after Jerry told me 'bout this place, I drove up here, checked it out and loved it, so I moved here in February. Anyway, that's my Reader's Digest version of th' story. But lemme tell ya this -- it gets lonely as hell out here by myself, and that's why I'm hopin' t' get somebody like you t' move in, 'cause I'm tired of talkin' to myself."

"One last thing, while ya think 'bout it...we can talk 'bout rent later, but honestly, I ain't gonna try and squeeze a lotta money outta ya. Ya can help with th' bills if ya want, but shit, I got money runnin' out my ass, so I ain't gonna worry 'bout it."

TAMMY: I sat there, dumbfounded. It's just so much to process. Low rent, a fantastic house, a genuine, down-to-earth roommate (not some snooty rich bitch) ...yeah, I think I can do that! BUT, there's one thing I have to do first.

Taking a huge gulp of wine, I stared at the floor for a second, trying to get my thoughts straight. You've GOT to do this, even if it means she kicks you out. I said "Gina, thanks for trusting me enough to tell me that incredible story! God, I can't imagine how you must have felt, finding out about the money. And, yes, I'd love to be your roommate, because you're smart, have a wicked sense of humor, and obviously aren't letting it go to your head. But now, I have to tell YOU something. Now, I swear I won't ever try to let what I am do anything to hurt our friendship, but...well...Gina, I'm a lesbian. I've..." Three fingers came up and pressed on my lips, silencing me. Looking at Gina, her dimpled smile was beaming. She squealed "Ohmygod, ohmygod, I can't believe it! Shit! This is just fuckin' fantastic! Tammy, I'm gay, too!" She moved her hand, and her soft lips gently kissed me. Our eyes met, twinkling with the possibilities we were both imagining, and we hugged tightly, then kissed again, still tentative but more forcefully.

Still in a hug, we pulled our faces back, staring deep into each other's eyes. Gina said "I was gonna wait and spring that on ya later, but oh, wow, this is th' best thing that's happened to me in a long time." She released me from the hug, and I laughed out loud, watching her bounce up and down, clapping her hands. I could ALMOST make out what she was saying as she bounced, but it was hard, since it was all one long string -- "ohmygodicantbelieveititsmydreamcometrueomygod!" Then she blushed, realizing how silly she was, and leaned over for a quick kiss. She grabbed our glasses, refilled them, and sat back down. We toasted 'To new friends and awesome new adventures', and had a sip of the wonderful wine.

Gina said "Well, roomie, I guess now that it's settled, we oughta get yer cute lil' butt moved in," we went to the garage and pulled our cars in. I opened my Outback hatch, and we started unloading things to the living room. I had all my stuff in the car -- I'd been staying in a hotel until I found a place. Once we had everything inside, Gina closed the garage doors, and handed me an extra remote control to leave in my car.

GINA: I must be flitting around like a deranged bird, but I'm so damned happy! I've got a new companion, AND, it looks like, a new lover! Yay for me -- after all I've been through the past few months, it's about time something's going right!

After unloading, both of us grinning like silly kids, I grabbed a duffle bag and a suitcase, Tammy got two suitcases, and we went upstairs. Dropping everything at the top landing, I showed her the second floor. There are 2 closets, one on each end of the hallway, with the French doors and windows of the balcony on one side, and the 3-bedroom doors on the other. Opening the far room first, I showed her the guest room, furnished with a king-sized bed, dresser and armoire. A door and window matching the front of the house opens up to the rear balcony, a mirror to the front balcony. Gina said you can watch the sunrise from the rear of the house, and the sunset from the front.

A full bath is between this bedroom and the next, which is the same size as the guest room, but is unfurnished. I told Tammy she could use this room as her studio, since she has all of her painting equipment with her. She squealed with delight, and kissed me again.

Moving to the master bedroom last, it's larger than the other two bedrooms. It's really the only room I've got a little more feminine looking -- I've just been so busy that I haven't had much of a chance to work on the rest of the house yet. Hopefully, together, we can change that now!

I have a sweet, king-sized, 4-poster, canopy bed against the far wall. A big chest of drawers sits between the 2 sets of French doors and windows, and a tri-mirror vanity is against the bathroom wall. A nice dresser with mirror is sitting against the hallway wall, and next to the door is a huge walk-in closet. The master bath is next to the closet, with a linen closet, sunken tub, and a shower that's big enough for 4 people to fit easily. A pair of 'his-and-hers' sinks, full width mirror, and toilet finish off the bathroom.
Grinning, I said "Okay, kiddo, ya got yer choice. Ya can have th' far bedroom, or maybe I could squeeze ya in here with me, if ya want." Tammy smiled, then looked around the room thoughtfully. She said "Well, this is kind of small, but I guess this room will have to do. BUT, if you snore, dammit, I'm out of here!" We both laughed, and started bringing her things in.

TAMMY: Is this all real? I think I'm still in shock. This is just too magnificent! My own 'studio', and sharing this massive bedroom with a lesbian roommate -- how perfect is that? I started unpacking, while Gina made room in the dresser and closet for my clothes. While we were putting things away, Gina exclaimed "How cool! Y'see how we both wear the same sizes? Shit, even our shoes are th' same size!"

We went down, and after a short break for some more wine, started moving the rest of my things up. I had a couple of paintings I'd done with my stuff, and Gina admired those, saying "Damn, girl, you're GOOD! I just figgered out yer first rent payment -- didya notice how that fireplace seems so bare? Granpa Jake had left a big, ugly-ass elk head hangin' there, but I had t' get rid of that piece of shit. So, if ya would, I'd love t' see ya paint somethin' we can hang there instead."

I said I'd be happy to, and then we dragged the empty suitcases down to store in the basement. There's a hallway between the garage wall and the kitchen, with a pantry and the basement door. Going down, Gina flipped on the lights, and we stowed the baggage against a wall.

The basement is well lit, but mostly empty. Gina showed me the laundry room, and the chute that comes from the walk-in closet upstairs. A workbench is next the laundry room, with all kinds of hand tools hanging from the walls. A big metal cabinet is next to that, filled with screws, nails, and assorted hardware, and several different size ladders hang next to the cabinet.

Gina said she had thought about putting a home gym down here, for the cold months, but hadn't done anything yet. She grinned and said "Or mebbe I could put in a torture chamber -- chains and shit on th' walls, whips, all that kinda stuff!" I laughed, and told her if she did that, she'd be down here by herself, because I don't do things like that -- I'm just a sweet, little, innocent girl! She laughed, then said "Yeah, right!"

Sitting on the couch, the moving done, we talked and drank our wine. It was about 5:30, and Gina asked if I wanted something to eat. When I waggled my eyebrows at her, she giggled and said "Oh, crap, I done let a perv move in! I meant food, girlfriend...we got time fer that later!" I laughed, and said sure, I could eat a little, but the butterflies in my tummy weren't very hungry. She said she could make us a salad for dinner, and that sounded good.

While she fixed the meal, I looked around some more, catching more details. There were two guitars, on stands, sitting on the hearth. One was a nice-looking Martin 6-string, and the other was an old beat-up Gibson that looked like it had been through hell. Behind the bar, I saw an electric keyboard, so I asked her how long she'd been playing. She said she started piano lessons at 9, and had begged her dad the next year for a guitar, until he finally gave in and bought the beat-up 6-string in a pawn shop, just to shut her up. The beat-up guitar was her first, and she said she could never get rid of it. She'd had lessons on the guitar and piano until high school, then kept learning on her own after that.

GINA: We sat at the island to eat our salads -- lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot slices, and some grilled chicken strips. I cleaned up, then we moved to the couch, and I asked Tammy if she liked pot. She said yes, so I grabbed my wooden stash box and pulled out my vaporizer. When she asked me what that was, I grinned and said "This is my 'Easy Bake Oven'. It heats th' weed and vaporizes th' THC, so all ya get is th' good stuff, without th' nasty smell and smoke." Loading it up, I got it to temperature, and we passed it back and forth.

One thing about Colorado having legal marijuana -- you can get some good stuff! We both got a pretty good buzz, and I noticed it was starting to get darker, so I loaded another bowl, refilled our wine, and said "C'mon, baby, let's go up and watch th' sunset." Going up to the door opposite OUR bedroom, we went out and sat in the swinging love seat that was hanging from the eaves. From up here, there's a spectacular view of the valley, and the sun reflecting off of the river is fantastic.

After vaping the second bowl, we were pleasantly high, and sat there holding hands and drinking our wine. Tammy was engrossed in the view, and we talked quietly as the sun took its final bow, and dusk began settling in, the sounds of night taking over. Being off the road, and with the trees to block the noise, all we could hear was the faint hum of insects.

Tammy stood, and pulled me up. After a nice kiss, she whispered "Let's go in the bedroom, baby. I want to show my appreciation to my new landlord!" Well, who was I to argue? I haven't been with anyone since moving here, and while my toys have helped, it's not the same as having a nice body to play with!

TAMMY: In the bedroom, we sat on the bed, and started making out. While I was nuzzling Gina's neck, she moaned, saying she hadn't had sex since leaving Austin. I pulled back, smiled, and said "Well, let me see what I can do to help you out, you poor child." Lifting the hem of her T shirt, I pulled it off, unveiling her beautiful breasts. They're about the same size as mine, but a little rounder. I began kissing her light brown areolae and pinkish nipples, while moving my hands down to undo her denim shorts.




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