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Rekordbox Not Linking to Beatport Link

I have downloaded the latest version of RB and when I tried to play tracks with Beatport Link, it would not log me in. I tried to sign in and it told me that I am not subscribed. I am most definitely subscribed.

I am running a Mac with the latest version of RB. I tried RB 5 and it logged me in; however, when I tried to load a track it gave me the "track loading error". Everything was working just fine until I updated to the latest version of RB.

HELP. Please. Has anyone had this issue yet?


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Im having this issue. I just signed up for Link and was going to try using it but it won't log me in. I've tried with Chrome and Safari, and the login window comes up, I log in, but then it opens a new tab where I have to log in again and when I go back to Rekordbox it has that same error.


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