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CDJ-400 with MBP via USB not even showing "Select deck" to use with Rekordbox

I have:

  • 2x CDJ-400
  • Allen and Heath Xone:42
  • Macbook Pro (Catalina)
  • Rekordbox Performance (6.0.2) 

When connecting my CDJs (v 1.33) they show connecting on the display but never show the Deck selection, they just go blank. 

Using the aggregated audio I can get sound coming through the CDJs (though extremely distorted and only 1 channel) into the mixer, but cannot obviously use the CDJs as controllers for Rekordbox. 

Rekordbox itself states compatibility with CDJ-400s but I can't even seem to get past the first hurdle. To my knowledge upon first connect I was not given the option to install drivers. The CDJ itself shows under System Info as connected via USB.

As there are no drivers to download from the Pioneer site, I'm a little stuck. Any help would be appreciated. 




Chris Bevan

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