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Squid and Logic Pro X saga

I have watched all videos, tutorials, read Apple support and Logic help and cannot get the Squid to work with Logic 10.5.1

Tracks are set to a single MIDI channel,
Auto demix... is set in the project in Logic
Squid is sending on corresponding channels...

And all tracks on Squid play on EVERY track in Logic.
Recording records all channels' MIDI data to the selected track in Logic.

I'm not a power user, but I've used Logic for many years and never encountered such a persistent problem.

Did anyone have luck with that setup?

Connection is via USB, and I want to keep toraiz as the centre of the setup, with other hardware synths and my modular synth, with Logic being just one of the instruments, not a sequencer.



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HI Unruhe, this sounds really frustrating to deal with.

Logic is a very sophisticated program and should be able to fire off instruments responding to different incoming MIDI channels.  My guess is that the problem is not with Squid, but with the way Logic is assigning incoming MIDI channels.

So, each of your instrument tracks has a specific MIDI track assigned to it and each track is "record enabled"?

Rhythm Droid
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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, Logic is a monster :) 
I've used it for ages, but Pro X not so much as I concentrated less and less on computer based production.

Yes, all Logic tracks have a MIDI channel assigned, demix is enabled, Toraiz is the MIDI source and each track on Squid has a separate MIDI channel as well.

I'm sure it's something to do with Logic, not the Squid, I just thought that maybe someone had the same problem.

It got to the point that I tried the same process so many times that I'm ready to give up.
It would be nice to have Logic as an instrument in my setup, but it's not worth digging in without any success.

I followed Apple's info, I trashed all preferences, reinstalled Logic... It's enough I think.
Shame because some of Logic's instruments are quite amazing.

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I really wish you luck on this project. I am 99% sure this is not because of any issue with the Squid...this is about HOW Logic responds to incoming MIDI data on separate channels and what it chooses to trigger with that data.

Have you tried this with a project that just has a single track? Just a single plug-in instrument?  Are you able to get it to respond to notes from the Squid?  Can you then change the MIDI output channel on the Squid and get the instrument to then respond on that MIDI channel?

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Yeah, apart from exorcism, I think I tried everything ;)
When only one track on Squid is unmuted - that channel inLogic plays just fine.
The moment I unmute any other Squid track all Squid tracks play through all Logics tracks.

It's OK in my old Bitwig, I have a free license of Ableton that comes with gear, maybe I'll try download that and try as well.

I'm 100% convinced it's Logic and there must be a way...


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