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Trying to LINK in Performance mode

I'm currently using the latest (30 day trial) 6.0.3 version of Rekordbox. I have Performance mode enabled, attempting to use Beatport link with my CDJ's and DJM mixer.

I have 2xCDJ-2000NXS, 1x2000NXS2 and 1xDJM-900NXS2.

The players are connected to my PC (Windows 10) via USB. When I hit the LINK button on the players I get the push to connect prompt but then nothing.

I tried one of the players (CDJ-NXS2) on my laptop with rekordbox and was able to get the correct prompts to show up after hitting link, so it appears there is some sort of driver or configuration issue on my PC.

I have been struggling trying to figure out what the issue is when the players are connected to my PC via USB.

Any suggestions?


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