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Pro Link with cdj 900s (not nxs)

hello. ive got the original cdj 900s and im using rekordbox 5 with pro link.

i  have issues with some tracks not loading, some tracks will not let me "search/fast forward" through without it locking up the track. some tracks start up and then wont let me stop them when i hit cue. sometimes when i back out of a playlist I've been playing in , and switch to another, none of the tracks in the playlist i just chose will load up and i need to power off, and power the cdj back on.

i have most recent rekordbox 5 and most current firmware for the cdj900s

what might be causing these issues?

christopher dorowsky

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Hey Christopher,

The most likely culprit is a bad data connection. Are you using a switch or a router to connect everything? Have you tried connecting just one single CDJ directly to the computer?

Are all firewalls and antivirus applications disabled or configured to allow the traffic through?

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