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Alternative DVS Options

Hi All

I bought a DDJ-1000 at the end of last year, and bought a pair of 1210 MK7's in March to use with my existing vinyl. Was excited about DVS and was going to fork out the $150 (or what ever it was) for the license on Rekordbox 5. Being a bedroom DJ performing only for myself (and wife, dog, and kids), Pioneer have now excluded my demographic from DVS functionality.

My only options as i see them now are:

  1. find someone who will sell me their Rekordbox 5 DVS license (but would that still allow me to enter it and activate DVS?). I'm fine staying with Rekordbox 5
  2. sell my DDJ-1000 and buy a DJM-450 to activate DVS (but I like my controller and the functionality, and if the kids or their friends want a mix, they are not touching my turntables)
  3. buy a DDJ-XP1 or 2 to activate DVS (maybe AU $300 on eBay if i'm lucky). Seems like the best option, but a piece of kit i'm not interested in
  4. Spend $1,000's on a subscription over the coming decades (Pioneer's preferred option). Personally would prefer to buy real vinyl if that's the case (i'm an old skool man)

One concern is how long will the listed hardware give you free DVS functionality? Forever? Or only until Pioneer want to milk existing customers some more?

david king Answered

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Hey David,

I'm sorry about the frustration regarding the change in our pricing model. I see that Blake already answered your general questions in a ticket, but to give you answers here as well:

1) You could do that provided they deactivate the DVS license on their computer(s) first.

2/3) Yes, any hardware that unlocks DVS would work, even in combination. The hardware would also provide a one-time purchase price.

4) $1000 on subscriptions? Even if you had the Creative plan at full price ($15/mo), that would be over 5 and a half years before you hit that amount!

Listed hardware will provide DVS functionality so long as you keep using it with the current rekordbox version. I don't know what v7 will hold, but by then, the DDJ-1000 should be pretty old!

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Thanks for the clarification on point 1 and the possible DVS unlock lifetime of the hardware.

I'm leaning towards option 1, but to find someone online with a DVS license to sell is the issue.

As for point 3, I'm in Australia and assume the $10 a month fee is US$? But as you have calculated, it would run into the $1,000's after a period. I'm looking to use it for years and years to come not just a couple of months, and DVS is a feature, not a service, so a monthly fee doesn't fit in my opinion. Also I hope my DDJ-1000 last's for many more years to come as it does all I need, or is there a timer to blow fuses on it after so many years :)

The thing I don't understand is wouldn't you rather sell me a DVS license for Rekordbox 5 than me buy one from someone else and you get no money on the deal?

Appreciate your time and that we'd just go round in circles here, thanks for getting back to me on this.

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We are no longer selling rekordbox 5 licenses, and while I would encourage you to consider rekordbox 6 for its new features, I understand if you're looking at this from a cost perspective that you'd rather try and get a second-hand license. I'm not trying to sell you on anything, just to make sure that you're a happy and informed customer. Heck, you may find you love rekordbox 5, but after some time, a new feature is released in 6 that you decide to pay to subscribe for. :)

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