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DJM S9 Repair Experience with Pioneer was fantastic and what i will like in the next Pioneer battle mixer

Just thought i'd share my recent experience.

I've owned the S9 from new. Its about 5 years old (definitely out of warranty)

I noticed some intermittent issues with the faders (cross and channels) acting up.


Its usually when i start it up, they will not cut out music on both ends and the mid position will now be the closed fader point. Usually a quick restart sorts it out till the next power cycle. It was happening say 1 in 10 times. I tested with Serato and Rekordbox DVS. I also saw a fellow on youtube who also reported the same issue with regular vinyl.


So i emailed support and Gabriel looked after me.

I got the response in 24 hours and they suggested a repair with the Authorised Service centre here in Dublin, Ireland.

They offered free collection and repair.

The asc guy said he couldnt find any diagnostic error with the hardware but still went ahead to change the board that carries the eqs and a chip.


I know most comments on forums are usually of issues and frustration, just thought i'd change the narrative a bit by posting about my stellar experience with the good folks of Pioneer DJ.

I'm holding out on upgrading my battle  mixer and waiting on the successor to the S9 before making an informed decision.

The Rane 70, 72 (bought one and returned it) and 72 MK II are missing some things that I've grown to like that the S9 has such as

  • Pad FX (with analog sources),
  • Hot Loop / Cue Loop (with Serato DJ),
  • Hardware In-built FX Auto BPM detect for analog/media sources eg regular vinyl and CDJs (The Ranes don't have this, so I have to be continually tapping)
  • Saved user parameters Bank A and B (using the settings Utility)
  • The Magvel Pro fader is the best fader i've touched.
  • The external tension adjustment for the cross fader

I'm not too fussed about having a waveform screen


I hope the next S9 (MK II) or Pioneer DJ Scratch Battle Mixer will still keep all that i mentioned above and the following features

  • Continued Serato DJ Pro support (i shouldn't have to mention this but seeing how the DDJ1000 was released without Serato one has to)
  • USB Hub to plug in Media players, external SSD and midi controllers, I think 3 or 4 USBs will be fantastic
  • Independent Performance Pads (this one is super important)
  • Ethernet Pro DJ link for super tight beatgrid quantised effects when using CDJs
  • Magvel Pro faders for the channels
  • Mic FX (the S9 only has echo)
  • Digital RCA in
  • Send and Return for external FX
  • Rec/Session Out with level control
  • And most importantly a reasonable price point
  • Advanced Utilty settings and saving on the mixer screen

I'm not too bothered about moving waveform or touch FX








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