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3 band waveform - what's your experience?

I just watched the RB youtube video on 3 band waveforms and it states:

The blue section represents the lows, for example hear we can see it matches with the kickdrum

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vb6jrY9Lu0&t=0s  at 1:30)

Analysis appears to be working correctly but when I zoom in I'm finding it too hard to see the start of the kick drum/blue color when there is a white color on top of it. It gives the impression the blue color starts later but in reality the waveform is just being covered by other colors. To me that's not really usable.

It would be cool if we could separate the blue color out like in the video but I'm guessing that was just done in video editing.




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Hey Infinite,

The visual separation shown in the video was just to illustrate the different portions of the waveform and is not something the software can do on its own.

I've found it to be pretty reliable in setting the grid at the right spot, but you can always toggle to another mode (like RGB) if it helps.

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