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Importing CSV file into Rekordbox for Beatport lync usage

Hello, it might be a noob question but i will hear find out :)

I have a spotify list on my phone calles VRIMOBO. Which is the fryday after work drinks music folder. If i hear a song which i like whihc i can use for playing on these kinds of occasions i will add them. Sometimes with help of Shazam.

And then i thought, why not exporting this map to a csv or other file, and import it to a playlist in rekordbox. Then start using Rekordbox with my beatport lync subscription and start adding the music in this map.

Then let rekordbox analyze them and i have the wanted numbers, BPM and Keynote. So i can do some alterations and make a Keynote synced order and use it so i can have a playlist but not an solid one, but i can choose from these numbers and still change the order by just choosing a song and use the keynote 

but i am not able to import a csv file into an already made playlist. 

Is it that i need the music up front? but why if you have beatport lync. 


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Hi Alexander,

Unfortunately rekordbox doesn't support CSV import, but you can import an XML file. The only down-side here is that there's no interoperability between an XML playlist being imported and a Beatport playlist. You're better off managing the Beatport playlist through their website or app, then loading it into rekordbox.

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