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DDJ 1000 LED Adjustment

There should be an easy way to alter the brightness of sections of LED's to get the desired / required lumens. The Performance Pads are highly lacking in the brightness area. All pads should be able to be adjusted to the brightness level of the Hot Cue's luminosity when activated. All white writing and position indicator tic-marks on the entire controller, including knobs and faders should be backlit and adjustable in brightness and color to clear up any confusion and correctly reflect as to what is currently happening on the controllers' hardware and software. if this were to change we would no longer need to rely on an external light source in the booth. if the LED's could reach 1000 nits we "DJ's"would not have to worry about daytime show slots. 1000 nits would be the bare minimum to combat the suns brightness and allow us to play Burningman without worry. thank you. please take this into serious consideration. 


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