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Include Beatport LINK tracks in Rekordbox intelligent playlists

Firstly, I really love the idea of Beatport LINK with Rekordbox, amazing service, but needs some work to make it feasible for real use.

More specifically, features in Rekordbox should not be hindered by using Beatport LINK - with the exception of paid features like offline playback. Feature parity is essential to drive adoption of this service.

The main point: Please include the ability to show Beatport LINK tracks in Rekordbox intelligent playlists!

According to this post, this feature was present in a beta version, but subsequently removed... https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048228971-Intelligent-Playlist-dont-recognise-Beatport-Link-tracks

For anyone who uses intelligent playlists in Rekordbox, this is essential. Without it, core Rekordbox functionality doesn't work as intended.

At the moment I'm paying (and wasting) a monthly subscription for Beatport LINK and I can't use it properly, as in my normal workflow I heavily use intelligent playlists. Without intelligent playlists, track management becomes tedious and boring and most importantly inefficient.

Other key missing features include, but not limited to:

  • Fast track load times (keep all Beatport LINK tracks in collection locally cached)
  • Play history (including already played in this session / set)
  • Buy and convert to local file directly in Rekordbox

Please implement this feature / these features! It would make Beatport LINK integration with Rekordbox far more complete and actually usable.


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Oh please, so much this. Being able to include collection tracks from Beatport or Tidal in Intelligent Playlists would make track selection so much easier. At the moment I am effectively having to work off two separate silos of music, one of all my tagged local files and another of streamed music.

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