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Edit Features Suggestions Part 2

Honestly awesome job on this!! Flip is the one feature I missed from Serato and now its here!

Couple suggestions for Future upgrades,

- Allow the use of simple pioneer effects in Edit.( Filter, low cut echo etc).. Apply the effects the same way most DAWs do,  using lines and anchor points.

- Allow saving edit in 320K CBR Mp3 format.

- Give Pulse a Snickers and Free parking for life for having to deal with all these "Nice People"




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🤣 LOL - Thanks Warren.

All things our beta team brought up with the developers, so hopefully we'll see those changes in a future update.

Some things you may have missed that we also requested:

- save items from the palette to the sampler

- bring items from the sampler / other tracks to the palette

- grid adjustments / more use of hot cues / memory points in edit mode

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