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DJM 750 MK2 recording + traktor when using control vinyl


I'm trying to understand if having only 1 soundcard in the DJM 750MK2 would limit my ability to use the USB port behind the mixer to control Traktor without an audio interface (straight to computer), while simultaneously using the usb port in the send / aux section of the mixer to record a mix using the DJM Rec app on my Ipad or Iphone.

Here is the set up:

- Two 1200 turntables where I use both Traktor control vinyl and regular vinyl (want to make sure my regular vinyl would also be picked up by the DJM rec recording software if I use the send / aux USB cable)

- DJM 750 MK2

- Traktor PRO on MBP with no audio interface

Does that make sense?  Basically - can I use the 750 MK2 with Traktor and concurrently use the send / aux USB cable to record a set with DJM Rec that picks up everything (Traktor control tracks + regular vinyl).  Or, does the send / aux use the same sound card and would need a NXS2 to do that instead?







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