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Pioneer XDJ-XZ: Small Physical Defect...Maybe?

I hesitate calling this a defect because I'm not entirely sure if it is. However, for those with the Pioneer XDJ-XZ, or heck, even the XDJ-RR/RX/RX2, has anybody else discovered a small gap where the sides of the 7" touchscreen meet the body of the unit? I've attached pictures to show you what I mean. Now, mind you, I literally had this delivered from Sam Ash via Fed Ex on Tuesday of this past week so I've had it for 5 days. 

So, standing where I would play from, the gap is on the right side. For clarity purposes, I've come around to the front of the unit so this is on my left but it's the right side of the unit if you know what I mean. 

Another shot of the gap

The left side of the unit (no gap)


Another of the left side (no gap)


Back to a shot of the right side with the gap


Left side, again, no gap

Again, right side with gap


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