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3000 Outer Jog wheel glitching / jumping Vinyl Mode

Sad to say both of my players are doing this. I left the third in the box for now. I saw some others jumping forward etc. I was hoping for the best as the order had been placed.

The top of the platter seems okay yet really sensitive. The outside jog is just whacky it does whatever it wants. If I move the outer jog fast it seems to jump around and the respond for a couple seconds. Anything slow it doesnt do anything. I have tried with 8 b loop on and off same result.


I don't know info I can provide that may help but these are 1.05 firmware (only used 1.05 from start), V10 mixer, connected with Ubiquiti 1G switch, Samsung BAR Plus 256GB - 400MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive Titan Gray (MUF-256BE4/AM)

All Tracks re-analyzed via latest 6.x Rekordbox.

I went through a lot with my RZX and was really waiting for these. I hope this can be addressed with software - gutted on this one. This was the 2nd and third track I loaded just for testing and they both goofed badly.
The only setting I changed so far was waverform (3 way) and auto cue off if that matters.

If I can provide anything else please let me know. If anyone has a suggestion I am all ears!

Supposed to play tomorrow at a pool party will be taking controller....

Outer jog.mp4


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You had posted this late on a Friday, so low likelihood of being picked up over the weekend. I see your ticket is being handled by our CRM in Japan, they'll get you sorted out.

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Is there any other way to get help with this? I made this post here and opened a ticket. It seems like a significant enough issue to acknowledge within 5 days.

Its been much faster in the past maybe something is up.

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