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Rekord box 6.0, ddj400 and Voicemeeter banana ERROR

This year I bought the ddj-400 and it came with the Rekordbox software. All fine till there. No problem, no errors. 

However, recently I started to get into streaming and discovered that with Voicemeeter Banana I am able to separate my various audio channels into my streaming platform. 

The setup I used can be found in this YouTube tutorial (in case it’s relevant for my explanation): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD9sWOjITYU 


Here is where the problem begins. I went back to practise DJing a bit in Rekordbox with my DDJ-400 but now it’s not working as intended. I’ve quickly realized that VoiceMeeter is interfering somehow with it but in an interesting way. I have tried googling this and have come to find no functional solution.  

The first situation, if I have my audio output selected to ¨DDj-400¨ I can hear the music from the CUE headphones option in the booth but the audio does not come out from the speakers. However, if I click on the ¨Output audio from the computer’s built-in....¨ or the ¨PC MASTER OUT¨ option: the programs loads for a bit and that option now switches to a message stating: ¨no audio device¨ 


The result of me clicking the ¨PC MASTER OUT¨ or my speakers option: https://i.imgur.com/f29FUx2.jpg 

The same thing happens if I click directly on the speakers as it does recognize the connection:   https://i.imgur.com/uy28nBB.jpg 


So for those unfamiliar with Voicemeeter, it’s basically a program that creates virtual inputs and lets you output however you want. Overview:  https://i.imgur.com/MZiDtCr.jpg 

I decided, alright, I’ll just have to output the audio from Rekordbox towards VoiceMeeter and that way I’m able to hear from the speakers. So, choosing either the Aux input or regular input work just fine.  https://i.imgur.com/QG0pIDb.jpg 

But then a new problem arises, I can hear the track from my speakers but now my CUE functions in the booth don’t work and I hear nothing from my headphones.  

When having any Voicemeeter options selected, I don’t have an option for my headphones output as they are the same with the speakers: https://i.imgur.com/exJiDki.jpg  


When I uninstalled the Voicemeeter program and the virtual cable aux driver and went back to Rekordbox, everything worked as normal. But I am hoping someone can help me find a way to configure it so I don’t have to install/uninstall to use one or the other.  


Any and all help is appreciated.  


TL-DR: Voicemeeter is messing with Rekordbox so whenever I click the DDJ-400 option from my audio I can hear from my headphones and not my speakers, but, if I click Voicemeeter I can hear from my speakers and not my heaphones.  

Ricardo Silva Answered

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I Have the exactly same problem, but i'm using DDJ FLX-6.

The reply from Pioeer just works fine if your output speakers is plugged directly in your PC/Notebook. But in this case, we're using our MASTER audio output, plugged directly in the DDJ.


Someone could provide answer to that?

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Guys, got the solution here.. had to install ASIO4ALL and VoiceMeeter VB-Cable, then some new configuration appeared and I just configured as Below:

Enable PC Master output from RekordBox:

Configured my Voicemeeter with AIO4ALL in the A1 output:

After selecting my DDJ in audio preferences in Rekordbox, I changed the Master Output as Below:

Finally, in OBS configured the output:



Good music live streaming for you all :)

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