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Toraiz SP-16 not saving love sampled tracks

For anyone who is an idiot like me and spent 1 hour trying to figure why the SP-16 is not saving live-sampled tracks, then there is a BIG SAVE BUTTON under the sound level meters specifically for saving individually sampled tracks. I don't understand why simply selecting saving on the Project Menu does not save sampled tracks and additional save button is needed. WHY CAN'T I SIMPLY UNLOAD THE TRACKS THAT I DON'T NEED. To spend 2 hours sampling tracks and setting slices perfectly then saving using the project menu only to open the project the next day to see that none of one's work has been saved is BAD UI DESIGN! I am never supposed to UNINTENTIONALLY lose work. Hire a User Experience Engineer!

dj bacchanal

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Hi DJ Bacchanal, I understand what you are saying. This suggestion of saving both the samples and all their settings at once will be conveyed to the development team.

Rhythm Droid
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