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SP-16 copy fx state/more fx to choose from please :)

I recently got the Toraiz SP-16 and love it to death its an amazing amazing amazing device and live performance instrument. I have a few questions tho and possible suggestions. First, is there a way to copy things from one pad to another like maybe the state of the sequencer or state of the FX/Env/LFO section from one pad to another with out copying over the sample selection itself with it or maybe copy the FXslots state from one pad to another for retaining sound when live sampling a synth that the SP16 is midi controlling when creating loops? If not possible I would like to request that to be considered in the next update. As for sure fire suggestion, moar FX more more more! the effects sound great! but that empty fx selection window just leaves the mind to wander lol. Thanks for reading, & thanks for creating this beast!

Anthony Baccari

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