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DJS 1000 Send Return on one pad


Is it possible to do a send return on just one pad.

So i am thinking to buy an rmx 1000 but it would be great to control just some of the pads and not all at once.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Juus Sound

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Hey Juus Sound, The DJS, unlike the sp-16, doesn't have individual or assignable outs, so when paired with the RMX-1000 (or any external FX box), the entire Master Out signal would be effected (or bypassed).

Internally, you can assign each pad to a different FX1, and you can choose which pad(s) are not effected by the Performance FX, but sadly there's no way to do a send/return effect on just specific pads.

It's too bad the RMX-1000 wasn't designed to interface with the DJS as a secondary Performance FX via USB. 

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