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FLAC support on your gear (XDJ-RX2 and others)

Dear Pioneer,

I play on a controller with rekordbox DJ and 80+% of my music is in FLAC. My controller lets me play FLAC (using my computer of course).

I'm looking to upgrade to a stand alone unit like the XDJ-RX2, but I wouldn't be able to play more than half of my song because it doesn't support FLAC.

It makes no sense needing to convert almost every song of my library when upgrading to a better product.

I guess I could plug in a computer to the RX2 than read my FLAC files from there, but the major point of a stand alone like this is not needing to carry a computer.

Last year you "enabled" FLAC support on the XDJ-XZ, which wasn't able ton read FLAC before. 

Considering FLAC is available everywhere, used a lot by DJs and supported by all your lower-end controllers while the XDJ-RX2 is in the higher-end, could you please look forward into "enabling" FLAC on the XDJ-RX2 like you did for the XDJ-XZ.

It would make a lot of costumers happy for a very little firmware update like you did on the XZ.

And make me consider buying a RX2. 
Otherwise it is pretty much unthinkable converting a whole library...

Please standardize FLAC


Leo and the Pioneer community

Leo Arsenault Answered

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Hey Leo,

It wasn't that FLAC was "enabled" on the XZ but not the RX2, moreso that the hardware of the XZ is more powerful and capable of having that function included whereas the RX2 cannot. Sorry!

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