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Make zoomed in wave form on CDJ3000 the default

I have talked to many other DJs who own the CDJ3000s like myself and we all agree that the default setting for the screen wave form should be zoomed in all the way. Instead of zoomed out all the way. There is no reason why a DJ would want to use the screen with wave forms that zoomed out where you cant even see what's going on. Also because you have the track preview on the bottom.

However if the default waveform was all the way zoomed in it would save us time from having to mess with the knobs every time we turn on a CDJ.

Please make this the default setting both in HID mode and in Standalone/ProLink 

Michael Melice

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Or, at the very least, if a DJ zooms all the way in, and is in USB mode (or, I don't see any reason why rekordbox can't have a setting for this somewhere too...), then at least save their last zoom level on the USB like you do other settings, and use that as the DJ's default until they change their zoom level again!

I 100% agree that having it zoomed all the way out EVERY TIME I start up either standalone mode or rekordbox control mode is absolutely dumb. At least let it be a setting somewhere, please! Maybe some people like it, but a lot of us do not.


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