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PLX 500 Voltage

Hi guys 

Quick question. Just shipped my PLX500 back from Vancouver to London. Plugged it it via a plug adaptor to the socket but forgot to change the voltage from 110-120V to 220-240V. 

Now not working. 

Have I managed to fry it? Pretty gutted if I have. 

Any ideas or pointers for a fix would be great. Thanks for your time. 

Chris Rayner Answered

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Yikes. BZZZT!

I just looked in the service manual and it says that there's a fuse in the AC assembly... you may want to check that first, if not, the manual says to replace the assembly itself.

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Ah amazing, thanks for the tip. Took it apart over the weekend and looks like the fuse has blown. From what I can see everything else looks good. Ordered the replacement fuse which arrived this morning so will fit that tonight and hopefully be up and running again! 

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