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DDJ1000 doesn't work with Big Sur?!

So i've just purchased a brand new ddj 1000 to do gigs with. Load it up for the first time and i get the "no drivers" error message on the jog wheels. spent an age searching the internet, download latest drivers, install and SURPRISE - i get an error message saying unable to install! WTF?!  

I search (again) on the internet and Pioneer now claiming they are not Big Sur compatible?! well sorry Pioneer, but some of us can't help but have Big Sur - so what are you going to do? i now have a brand new unit that is affectively useless. doesn't work. and i cant use it for the planned gigs. 

given pioneer advised compatibility was due beginning of this month, which became the middle, and now the end (with no further announcement?!) i wouldnt be surprised if  this gets pushed into next year now. totally shocking. 

thanks pioneer. i'll be taking the unit back to the shop for a refund. 


richard mockett Answered

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