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SP-16 keeps not saving samples.

Hello, I'm having an Issue that is now not solved for years. It brings me to the conclusion that the SP-16 is the worst sampler on the market. NEVER BUY IT. Why? I load samples into it, then I save everything as a project AND as a package, AND saving it internally AND on a USB stick. After switching off and on again, I can try to load from the usb or internally, as a package or a project, ALL SAMPLES ARE GONE. Without ANY NOTICE. The midi notes set are still there. 

WHAT ABOUT SOLVING THIS AFTER YEARS? - Solution please, I really hate the SP-16 for being such an awful piece of shit.

Thomas Steiner

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I see you are very angry and I'm sorry that this problem has caused you so much frustration.  I really would like to try my best to solve this for you.  How many times has this happened? Does it happen every time? And just to be clear, this is with samples you've loaded in, not sampled with "live sample" mode?

Rhythm Droid
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