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Track grids and waveforms disappearing


when i turn on rekordbox, often a waveform won't be visible in preview mode in the collection. When i load the track it loads and plays as normal, the hotcues are in the same position and I can see the large waveform, but I still can't see the preview so I don't know what is coming up in the track.

If I add the same file from my mem stick (so there are 2 versions of the same track), the preview doesn't appear then either. However, if I delete the track I have a problem with from rekordbox, then add it again from the memory card, the preview appears again. I did this a few times, but it is happening to one or more tracks around 1 in 3 times I turn on Rekordbox. 

I have a SanDisk Ultra 128 GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 Up to 130 MB/s Read formatted in FAT32 and am using a DDJ1000. I am on version 6 of Rekordbox. I recently switched to this stick from another drive that someone in a computer shop said was unreliable, but I had no problems with that drive ironically. I have however just updated to version 6 so it could be any of a few things.

I would like to solve this problem either way, but I have just subscribed to the creative plan. does this mean my library would be stored in the cloud and would load from there instead of my mem stick? And if so would I be able to use the memory stick when i dont have wifi?

Any help is much appreciated.




charlie coffey

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Hey Charlie,

Does the same thing occur when you have the songs stored on the internal drive of your computer?

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