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Feature request for Rekordbox 6: Lower the WAV form/clip drag volume

You know when you are dragging your wave form back and fourth to adjust a beat grid or set a cue point etc. When dragging it it sounds like an LP on steroids. It is very annoying and I find myself having to adjust the RB main volume so it doesn't bother me and or anyone around me. 

I wonder if it its possible for the devs to make rekordbox lower the volume level about 1/4th the way or whatever seems appropriate so dragging a wave form around isn't as loud as the normal play back. Or maybe allow a tic box option for Lower volume during wave form clip drag/edit. I hope I am making sense.


Sorry I didn't know there was a feature request thread. I dropped this same post in the Rekordbox sub first. Just FYI.



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