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Exporting tracks - Rekordbox


I am new to rekordbox and having some issues getting my track off onto a USB. I am currently on a trial period for the creative plan for rekordbox and using v6.5 and my beatport account (Standard beatport link subscription).

I have imported my songs from my beatport account on rekordbox onto rekordbox itself but when trying to export to USB i get the following "export is not available when using the track formats below" and none of my songs show up on the USB but playlist folders do.

Same issue with my rekordbox link to iphone it updates the playlist folders but not the tracks

Ben Penfold

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you have to be in "Export" mode to export to USB, right now you are in performance mode, in the top left drop down and choose export. if you are only using Rekordbox to manage your library, cues, tags and so on to then export to USB then its free and you do not need to be in performance mode but if you are using cloud services like Beatport and so on then you can only be in performance mode so it's kind of like 1 or the other. 

I am not sure if you can go into performance, grab tracks from Beatport in the service and then go to export and export them to play

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