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Kuvo not picking up my cover artwork

Firstly my situation: I use OBS for streaming and I am using Kuvo to create a live playlist so I can then pull in the data into my stream and display the 'Now Playing' track.

All works ok other than there's something odd going on with the track artwork. All tracks have artwork assgnned in the metadata and Rekordbox itself displays the artwork for each track.

However when going 'live' with Kuvo most of the tracks have the grey vinyl image (missing artwork) - this is in OBS and therefore on the Kuvo playlist itself in the browser. The odd track does pick up the artwork but it's not mine. For example, an 80's track that I assigned an image to, Kuvo displays the 'Now 80's' cover art. so it looks like Kuvo isn't using my artwork and instead is trying to pull it in from an online source (and the ones that are missing are where it can't find any)

Is there some sort of Kuvo setting to force it to use the metadata artwork instead or is this an issue anyone else has had?


Jason Smith Answered

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Hey John,

Any plugins for OBS pulling this data from KUVO are not officially supported by Pioneer DJ and thus we are unable to provide any support for them. Please contact the script author for assistance.

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