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Cloud Sync Problems

Hey guys, I have the following problem:

Library in Dropbox Cloud Sync, on a MacBook 16" Big Sur and a Notebook Win10, all RB6.5. At some files the path is wrong, it shows to an old local path. When i relocate the file to Dropbox it stays for some seconds and then turns back to the wrong path. Also are the artis names missing at some files. I write them in the field, ans seconds later, they are missing again. But they are stored in the file and MP3 Tag. Whe i reload the tag, the name is there again, and some seconds later, it is gone again. And this mistake is progressing, i am loosing more and more artist names. It is real horror! Also some cover artworks are missing, i load them in, and after seconds, they are gone again. What is wrong here? I came from RB5. Do I have to delete som local files? Thanks for help.


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Need a bit more detail...

Which computer housed the songs which are missing?

Do you have the cloud sync agent running at the time you're trying to perform these changes, and is rekordbox open on the other computer as well?

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